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Kim was kind, professional, understanding, and helpful. Her technique is good, and I’m sure I’ll get results
Rhobert, thank you for your review! You are proof that some clients get results with one session. Let me know if I can be of further assistance. I'm always available to help.

​​​​​"Beating the terror of facing the public."
"Mr R made an appointment with Kim and after a couple of sessions, recognized a time in his childhood where the fear of being in public originated. Once the cause was established Kim then guided Mr. R to a relaxed state and suggested that he would feel safe and relaxed in public. She created a recording for him to play before he went out and showed him other techniques which allows him to release the fear. Mr. R had finally found relief from his own body through hypnotherapy."   

"A miracle created through hypnosis" 
A woman, we will call "A" who is in her late 40's is a spinal injury patient in a nursing home. The only private space she has to herself is her hospital bed.  Caretakers came into the room at all hours, night and day, to care for other patients and attend to her. Her sleep is constantly interrupted by lights, loud noises and other activities that occur in a hospital setting. "A" couldn't get a full nights sleep. She said, 'I felt that I had to be hyper-vigilant at all times'.  Kim created recordings for "A" to listen to on her own that gave her the ability to sleep through the noise but wake when needed.

"A New Life Found Through Hypnotherapy"
"Sylvia, states, 'what I really appreciate is how warm and truly interested Kim is in me. With her angelic voice, she leads me to a pleasant level of relaxation. With Kim's guidance I am learning about things that make my life pleasurable. I am opening my mind and heart to happiness and it's all coming from inside me. I now have the power to access my own feeling of happiness. Kim has made such a huge improvement in how I feel about life in general that I once again have a passion for living. I strongly recommend her to anyone who wants a finer quality of life,' says Sylvia."

Kim is amazing!

Five Stars Review

"Kim is an amazing woman. She is warm, kind hearted & wants to help people. Kim is the perfect hypnotherapist to help you with healing & improving the quality of your life. She is the best!"


From Kim Depenbrok, ccht.

Thank you Carrie. I am so glad I got to meet you and that I was helpful.

Five Star review. Still in process but so far I am positive the results will be good.

Thank you for your 5 star review, it is greatly appreciated. I am glad I am helping.

A very positive experience in a calm, safe and non-judge mental environment. Kim made me feel welcome and so far the results are what I expected.

Jennifer, thank you so much for taking your time to leave this review, it means a lot. Hypnotherapy to stop smoking is very powerful and usually works in one session. I'm glad you had wonderful results.

Kim is a kind and caring professional. She really takes the time to listen and asks thoughtful questions. If are you wanting to try hypnotherapy, try Kim. You won't be disappointed!

Thank you Jena. I am so glad you are happy with your results. I look forward to seeing you again.

Kim Depenbrok, CCHt, RHP

Hypnotherapy in Valencia, Santa Clarita, Newhall

​Certified Reiki Healer


a positive choice for change!  

Kim Depenbrok, CCHt, CRP, 

Certified Hypnotherapist in Santa Clarita 

​818-554-1789 24509 Walnut St. 

Newhall/Santa Clarita Valley/Valencia, CA

And surrounding areas.​

Kim is Amazing!

Five Stars Review

"Kim has a wonderful, calming way of working with people. The session was extremely helpful in dealing with my anxiety. I highly recommend her and look forward to visiting again to continue with the healing process. Thanks Kim!"

From Kim Depenbrok, ccht.

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to meet you. You are doing the work I am just here to help.

Meeting Kim has been such a positive experience. I don’t feel alone in my journey. She is there supporting me and let me know that things that I am going through others have also. I am seeing life differently now.
Leanne, Thank you so much for this review. I am so glad I am helping you. Without your cooperation and doing the work none of it would be positive. See you soon!

Kim is a very caring and knowledgeable person. She understood my challenges and helped me so much. I am seeing her every week and I know I will continue to get better. Thanks Kim!
Nessy, thank you for coming to see me and thank you for the nice words. I look forward to seeing you again. You are doing great!!! 

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Great office!

​Five Stars Review

"I was nervous but Kim was so kind and understanding. She made me feel like we were old friends. She has a very warm and gentle personality that really works for me. Nice lady."

Cassie O., Oct 1, 2016

From Kim Depenbrok, ccht.

Cassie, thank you so much for your review, it means a lot! 

I approached Kim 2 weeks before a competition for my high school robotics team. She quickly fit us into her schedule and developed a session specifically designed for them (to help them deal with competition anxiety). She was wonderful, sympathetic and extremely professional. The team listens to the tape over and over and all feel like it has helped them to relax. Thank you Kim!

Teresa, thank you for this review, it means so much to me and my business. Your girls are so sweet and wonderful to work with. You told me that they won the championship! I am so proud of them and that I helped. You are a wonderful coach to suggest Hypnotherapy to your girls. Tell them congratulations from me, and thank you for calling and letting me play a small part in their win!

I have had two sessions with Kim to help me overcome my nicotine habit. I really didn't know what to expect, but was so happily surprised by Kim as a person and as a professional. She spent so much time with me, really got in there to understand me, but with so much warmth and genuine care. She comes across as a smart, authentic and strong person and was able to make me feel safe during our sessions. She made a tape for me to listen to at night and I've begun to enjoy the sound of her voice. So far so good on quitting. I have another session scheduled with her to strengthen the suggestions. I am really very grateful to her as I've tried to quit on my own dozens of times with no success.Feb 14, 2019
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Bobby J. Thank you for this wonderful review. I knew it would work for you. Hypnotherapy is very powerful and works all the time. I look forward to our next session.

Kim has the insight and sensitivity to allow me to see and heal areas in my life that were previously blind spots. I read once that the places we are seen and heard are holy places. With Kim, I am seen and heard in a way that opens the door to healing. She is a safe place. I recommend her highly.

Liz, thank you for this glowing review! Your commitment to growing and changing made all the difference.

Kim Is absolutely amazing. She takes the time to listen and creates a plan for me. I have been having a difficult time with depression and don't believe in drugs. She was able to work my happiness and well being into my program. Some of the comments I hear people say are that why am I so happy if I'm ok and the answer is YES. I was feeling gloomy for to long and am happy that I am back to myself. Hypnosis works and I can testify to that.
Thank you for this glowing review. I am so glad you are finally happy. Hypnotherapy works! ​

I had an amazing experience with Kim. I had high expectations for hypnotherapy but she went beyond that. I was amazed at her fluidity and talent. She really gets to the root of what you want and describes it perfectly. I would highly recommend her!Feb 3, 2019
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Estefanie. Thank you for this review. I am so pleased that I could help you!​


Five Stars Review

"Kim has the insight and sensitivity to allow me to see and heal areas in my life that were previously blind spots. I read once that the places we are seen and heard are holy places. With Kim, I am seen and heard in a way that opens the door to healing. She is a safe place. I recommend her highly."

Liz T.

From Kim Depenbrok, ccht.
Liz, thank you for this glowing review! Your commitment to growing and changing made all the difference.