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Kim Depenbrok, CCHt, CRP, 

Certified Hypnotherapist in Santa Clarita 

​818-554-1789 24509 Walnut St. 

Newhall/Santa Clarita Valley/Valencia, CA

And surrounding areas.​

Hypnotherapist and Reiki

Kim Depenbrok, CCHt, RHP

Her Credentials Also include, continuing education through Hypnosis Motivation Institute.

*Certified Specialist Hypnosis and PTSD 
*Completion: The power of Self-Hypnosis. 

​*Certified Specialist Hypnosis and Weight Loss. 

*Certified Specialist Past-Life Regression Therapist. 

*Certified Specialist Stop Smoking

​*Reiki Healing Practitioner

*Certified Specialist Trauma

Recovery Hypnosis

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Kim is a graduate of the L&P Hypnotherapy School and a Professional Member of the American Hypnosis Association. She has been helping others since 1996.

 ​Her Credentials include:
​*L&P School of Professional Hypnotherapy Diploma 
*The Art and Science of Hypnosis Certified Professional Hypnotist 
*Analytical Hypnotherapy and Counseling Certified Hypnotherapist 

​*Certificate of Completion Power Programming and scripting in Hypnosis. 
*Certificate of Completion Advanced Scripting Techniques

 Her office is in Santa Clarita/Newhall/Valencia with Dr Pinto.


​​​Why I help others through Hypnotherapy and Reiki....

I understand life's challenges. At one point I weighed 225 lbs, so I understand weight issues and the frustration that comes with it. I stopped smoking so I understand how difficult that can be. I understand pain and chronic illness because I have MS. I have lost close family members, so I understand grief, sadness and depression. Hypnotherapy, continued self-hypnosis and Reiki helps me on a daily basis.​